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CPI Condemns Repression on Farmers

Updated: Feb 26

Communist Party of India extends its full support to the ongoing struggle of the farmers demanding MSP (Minimum Support Price) for their produce. While extending its solidarity with the farmers, CPI condemns the repression unleashed by the Union government and the BJP government of Haryana. There are reports that pellet guns are used on farmers, besides teargas shells. It is shocking that a young farmer was killed. All the reports suggest that the Union government and Haryana government are waging a war on the farmers instead of conceding their demand. The CPI demands that both the governments should stop this and accept the demand of farmers. The CPI warns that BJP will face the wrath of the farmers across the country. The Party calls upon the farmers to expose the hypocrisy and adamant attitude of Modi government towards them and teach a lesson in the forthcoming Lok Sabha


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