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CPI-CPI(M) Joint Delegation Shares the Grief of Manipuri People

A joint CPI and CPI(M) delegation consisting of three MPs from the CPI and two MPs from the CPI(M) is on a visit to Manipur to express solidarity with the Manipuri people and share the grief of the victims of the violence unleashed under the ‘double-engine” of hatred and strife run by the BJP. The members of the delegation are CPI Rajya Sabha MPs Binoy Viswam, P.Sandosh Kumar and Lok Sabha MP K. Subbarayan. CPI(M) Rajya Sabha MPs Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya and John Brittas are representing the CPI(M) in the joint delegation. Under the mis-rule of the BJP, Manipur is burning for the past two months and both the Union and State government have failed in bringing peace and normalcy in the strategically situated state. Members of the delegation visited multiple relief camps in and around Imphal valley, interacted with the victims and shared meal with them. While sharing the grief of Manipuri people, the delegation emphasised on the restoration of tranquillity in the state where law-and-order has become a thing of the past under BJP rule. Looking at the appalling ground reality in Manipur CPI Parliamentary Group Leader Binoy Viswam said “Manipuri people are forced to live as refugees in their own country. In refugee camps they told the delegation about the divide and rule policy of the BJP government. That policy has failed all sections of people in Manipur. The common people have the insight to understand the dangers of politics of hatred. BJP will have to pay the price in the North East. People will exact revenge on this politics of treachery.” Several thousand people are displaced in Manipur and loss of lives and property is immense. Older people, women and children are facing difficulties in relief camps. After listening to the ordeal of the victims of incompetent and divisive BJP rule, CPI Rajya Sabha MP P. Sandosh Kumar said ““The situation is desperate and unfortunate in Manipur. Modi government has failed at all fronts in Manipur including controlling the borders. People of Manipur are losing faith in the democratic system seeing its incompetence under BJP. Loss of lives and property is huge and the government has no idea or estimation of its magnitude, such is the apathy of the BJP government towards the people of Manipur.” CPI Lok Sabha Member K. Subbarayan also echoed the sentiment after hearing of the RSS divisive agenda from the Manipuri people. All five MPs of the delegation have met people and leaders of different communities and tried to build bridges between them for the return of normal life in Manipur. The delegation is scheduled to visit Churachandrapur later in the day to extend solidarity and promote peacebuilding measures. CPI Rajya Sabha MPs Binoy Viswam and P. Sandosh Kumar, CPI Lok Sabha MP K. Subbarayan and CPI(M) Rajya Sabha MPs Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya and John Brittas along with Manipur leadership will also call on Manipur Governor Smt. Anusuiya Uikey to appraise her of the ground reality and to convey the grief, plight and anguish of the Manipuri people bitterly disenchanted with the divisive RSS-BJP rule.

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