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CPI-CPI(M) Parliamentary Delegation will Visit Manipur

The CPI and CPI(M) have decided to send a delegation of 5 MPs to Manipur from 6-8 July to express solidarity with the people of Manipur, to study the situation on the ground, and talk to the authorities for restoring peace and normalcy. The delegation will meet people from all ethnic communities, both in Churachandpur and the Imphal valley. The delegation will meet the governor on 7 July at 5.00 pm and will meet the media on the 8th to share their experience.

The delegation will comprise of Binoy Viswam, Sandosh Kumar P (CPI Rajya Sabha Members) and K. Subbarayan (CPI Lok Sabha member) and Bikashranjan Bhattacharya and John Brittas (Rajya Sabha members from CPI(M).

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