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CPI Extends Solidarity with the People of Iran

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India expresses its support and solidarity with the people of Iran who are protesting against the brutal killing of 22 year-old Mahsa Amini by the Iranian ‘moral police on 14th September, 2022: CPI believes that ongoing mass demonstrations of women, youth and university students have displayed unprecedented bravery, imagination and dedication to demonstrate their opposition to the theocratic regime and have drawn the attention of the international community and got tremendous support for the Iranian women who revolted against the onslaught by the present theocratic regime. Already 30 people, majority of them young girls are killed by the regime. But all these excessive force used by the regime failed to contain the popular upsurge of the Iranian people. While expressing its support and solidarity with the people of Iran, CPI demands immediate cessation of all kinds of repressive measures against the protesters, release of all those arrested and actions against those who killed Mahsa Amini. The CPI at the same time reiterates its position that there should not be any outside interference in internal affairs of Iran on any pretext. We express also our solidarity with the Tudeh Party of Iran, a party, overcoming all repression for last 80 years is struggling for a national democratic republic of Iran, where peace and justice are guaranteed.

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