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CPI on the detention of Opposition MPs and on the Disqualification of Rahul Gandhi

The Communist Party of India condemns the detention of Members of Parliament belonging to opposition parties who wanted to meet the President of India with several issues. The action of the Delhi Police, under direct control of Union Home Ministry, detaining prominent leaders including Leader of Opposition Shri. Mallikarjun Kharge and Comrade Sandosh Kumar P. of the CPI and others is deplorable. The rapidity of conviction and disqualification of Congress leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi has raised several critical questions concerning the future of democracy, freedom to express dissent and survival of Constitutional institutions. By stoutly refusing to accept the demand for Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on Adani Scandal, BJP-RSS regime has been making the Parliament redundant and crushing democracy. The alarming situation in the country today demands that all secular, democratic forces and people must unitedly fight and remove the BJP-RSS regime to save the nation, constitution and democracy.

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