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CPI Urges Union Government to Initiate Dialogue in Manipur, Use of Force is No Solution

Reports of violence and arson coming from the state of Manipur are matters of serious concern for the entire nation. The ongoing turmoil in Manipur is a direct result of the policy of dividing the people pursued by the so-called ‘double engine’ government of the BJP. Divide and strife between people were encouraged for electoral gains and has resulted in strategically located state like Manipur being engulfed by all-encompassing violence. This violence has a background of divisions and it cannot be controlled enduringly by using force.  This is testimony to the failure of the Manipur policy pursued by the Union Home Ministry and the State Government.

Many people have lost their lives and a greater number is displaced. Burning of houses and shops is widespread. Conflict reaching alarming levels of violence is disheartening and shows that the people of Manipur are losing their confidence in the state.

CPI understands the conflict as a political and social conflict and not merely a law and order issue. The CPI demands of the Union Home Ministry and the State Government of Manipur to reach out to all stakeholders and political parties for the immediate cessation of hostilities. A political solution to the crisis should be reached by taking all opinions and people into confidence and restoring normalcy and peace in Manipur. CPI appeals to all sections of the people of Manipur to maintain peace and tranquility.

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