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Resolution on Floods

Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttarakhand and other states are under unprecedented floods. These floods have led not only to the huge losses of agriculture crops, cattles, property but also have caused loss of human lives. People's daily life is very badly affected. The relief measures by the central and respective State governments are inadequate but affected people are left to the mercy of the flood waters. The Central Government led by BJP and Prime Minister Modi has not rushed even Sufficient NDRF TEAMS to the affected areas. People are not even being given relief material. They are not getting even food, drinking water, milk, medicines etc. The CPI national council demands that food, drinking water, milk, medicines, etc. must be rushed to the affected people. All losses of agricultural crops, cattle, properties must be compensated by the union and respective state governments in realistic terms. All those who very sadly lost their lives due to unprecedented floods, their families must be given realistic compensation. Agricultural loans must be waved off. The Union government and State governments as per the federal character of the nation must plan and do adequate infrastructure improvement in the management of flood waters to avoid future flood. In this matter short term and long term planning be done.

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