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Supreme Court Verdict on ‘Demonetisation’

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India expresses its concern about the adverse impact of demonetization and points out that the Supreme Court judgement is a split judgement of 4 vs 1 which does not take into consideration about false claims made by the government during demonetization. It only touches upon the legal aspect of the decision making. It does not touch upon the adverse impact of demonetization on the people. After four years of the decision people need to know the facts about claims made by the government have been proved to be false. Money in circulation has increased, black money component has not come down and adverse impact of the decision on MSME not recorded and terrorism has not come down. Hence a detailed white paper is needed on this issue. The Supreme Court majority judgement merely upholds the right of the government to take such a decision and in no way endorses the consequences of such a decision.

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